Monday, June 27, 2016

Makadii Week 21!

Hello, hello, hello! :)
How is everyone doing? I'm sure everything is going well no matter where you may be. Things are going well here in Zimbabwe and I continue to learn so much. I am starting to see how better I am becoming at teaching the lessons and helping people understand the gospel. When I speak Chirungu (English), I have to really try and keep the things I say very simple, so that the people can understand. I know I have talked really fast most of my life, but I've really had to slow it down lately! Haha :) I am by no means fluent in Shona, but I can carry on a small conversation, and say certain words. I am called to speak chirungu after all, so I am not expected to become fluent, but it is cool that I get the chance to learn at least some things.
It is officially winter here, but it isn't really winter at all! The Shona word for this week is Chando. It means cold. Everyone here thinks it is chando at the moment, but it really isn't that bad. It is in the high 60's, low 70's during the day, and at night it can get to around freezing, but it hasn't actually dropped that low yet. The days are always fine for me, but I am slowly but surely becoming a Zimbabwean. The nights are getting pretty darn cold, even for me. We have a heater that we use in the house if it gets too bad. People think I am crazy when I don't wear a "jersey," which is just a sweater or pullover, but I just tell them that they have no idea the temperatures that I am really used to back in good ol' Wyo! The cool thing is that my craziness has started to rub off on Elder Sekerere, and he isn't noticing the cold as much! :)
In my studies, I'm really starting to focus on the New Testament, and the Savior's Life. I'm learning a lot, and finding scriptures that are very helpful in answering questions we come across as missionaries.One of our recent converts, Chengetai, gave a wonderful talk in church on Sunday, and almost all of our male converts have received the priesthood! It is really cool to see them progress and become strong in their testimony.
Our investigators are doing well, and we are finding small successes each day. I really am starting to notice the small miracles that happen, and I am looking for the beauty in everything and everyone I come across. We won't be having a baptism super soon, but in a month or so we are planing to have one. We currently have 3 investigators that we have extended a baptismal invite to that have accepted, but I have seen so much already that just because they have accepted doesn't mean that all will go well. Salvation really isn't a cheap experience. We really have to fight for it, especially when Satan is working so hard. Currently, we are struggling to get investigators to come to church, which is so important in the conversion process. Hopefully that can start to improve in the coming weeks.
My first week as a DL went well, and it really wasn't much different. Our district meeting was just us and our Zone Leaders, because the new missionary, Elder Gordon, was getting here on that day. I've got to spend a little time with him already, and he is a good kid. He is from Springville, Utah. I'm lucky to be able to help him adjust! We did a ton of cleaning at the house this week, and it is so much better now! We had a small district braai at our house as well. I had an amazing cut of pork. It was very tasty!
Zone Conference is this week, and Elder Brooks and I will be singing How Can I Be, a song about Book of Mormon prophets. I sang it a lot back home. We have practiced a few times, and I'm sure all will go well. I will let you know how it goes next week! We are playing some indoor soccer and volleyball today, so it should be a blast!

I love you all so much! Keep enjoying summer, and live life to the fullest. You are more blessed than you can ever realize. I hope and pray you will all find success in whatever you may be doing, and that God is watching over you. I know He is.
Stay sweet! :)

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