Monday, June 5, 2017

Makadii Week 70!

Another week past, and another ahead. The work never stops!
This past week went well, and it ended with Molleen and her cousin Anesu getting baptized after church on Sunday. They were both super prepared for the gospel, and it has been awesome to see how they have accepted the gospel so fully in their lives. Tea is a big problem here in Zim, but even when their Gogo makes it for them, they don't drink it. It is cool to see the spirit work with them. Their Grandmother and Anesu's mother both walked to church as well to witness the baptism. Molleen almost went up to bear her testimony during church, but one of the members took too long so she didn't get the chance. Anesu is only 10 years old and he already wants to be a missionary! It was a good baptism and most of the members stayed for it which was sweet. Once again I played the role of John the Baptist. I'm getting quite used to it. :)
Our other recent convert Samantha bore her testimony and it was really great! The deal was if I bore mine first, she would go up and do it too. We ended up with another 10 investigators at church this week. Most of them are mothers that have some marriage problems that prevent them from getting baptized. We fasted for them this week so that things might be able to move forward. We will keep working and praying that things will work out in the near future. We will be having another baptism for two of our other investigators, Tatenda and Brenda, either this week or next. We will see how it works out!
Our MLC meeting on Tuesday went well, and we will be having a joint zone conference this Friday the 9th of June. Excited for that! We will be having exchanges with District Leaders the next 4 weeks so that will be fun. The work and learning never stop I guess! :)
Today we went with some of the guys in the zone to hike a small "mountain" in Arcturus. The mountains here aren't much compared to the Rockies back home. haha :) At the top we has a nice view of the surrounding area, and we also went to a cave that was home to many many bats! After the bat cave we sat on the mountain and ate some PB+J sandwiches together. Kinda cool to sit on a mountain in Africa eating a PB+J, at least I think so! It was a good day. I did find out that I am very out of shape. My legs were burning and my heart was beating, and the hike wasn't even long! It was good to be out and about though. :)
Onward ever onward. Tinowonana shamwari! Love you all! :)

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