Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 5

Things have been going pretty well here this past week. Our house has had some much needed improvements done to it! We now have hot and cold water, a shower head, no leaking water, electricity in every room, a shower curtain, and new faucets. It's much cleaner and better put together now for sure.

The culture here still wows me every day. Things are just so different! I'm slowly getting used to things more and more, and am becoming a little more comfortable with things. I still have no idea where I am most of the time, so I still have a long way to go in figuring out the layout or not only my area, but Harare itself.

All the people here are extremely humble and willing to listen. They all have so little, but do some much with it. The only cares they have are of their families. Everything else doesn't really matter. They are all usually very receptive to the gospel, but they have a hard time keeping the commitments, and coming to church most of the time, which makes it hard for us to get them to progress. Their care free lifestyle is a blessing and a curse for them, and they sometimes struggle to see what is good for them. Almost everyone has a strong belief in God and Jesus Christ, so it's easy to find common ground.

I'm still really overwhelmed by a lot of things. The culture, the people, and most of all missionary work itself. I'm really struggling to be happy and joyful 100% of the time, but I'm trying my best to have a positive outlook and attitude. Shona is still the name of the game, and I just get so discouraged when I teach. I know they can understand me, but they are just too stubborn to go out of their way to talk with me. It's really hard, but I'm trying to play my part, and find ways to be useful during lessons. I'm just always super lost. We still have around 10-15 people we are preparing for baptism. Hopefully we can keep them progressing toward a date in the near future.

I love you all so much, and I'm so thankful for all the birthday wishes! It's pretty crazy that I'm officially a real adult. The teenage years are finally behind me. Growing up kind of sucks though! Haha :)

Thank you for all your words of encouragement, and all of your thoughts and prayers. I couldn't do this without all of you! I wish you all the best in everything you do, and know that I pray for you everyday! I know our Heavenly Father loves us, and wants us to be happy. 

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