Monday, May 2, 2016

Makadii Week 13

Hello friends and family!

It was great to here from some of you this week, and I'm glad things are going well back home. Hopefully the weather warms up for most of you!
This week has been very busy and very eventful. For the past few days and for the rest of this next week (until the end of the transfer), I am in a threesome with Elder Sakala and Elder Chidarara in Glenview. Glenview is an area very close to Marimba, and is a place I actually did exchanges this past month. I was actually with Elder Sakala in the MTC, and I love the guy to death. He is a talker, and is very loud. Elder Chidarara has only one transfer left on his mission and he is a great guy. Right now though, he is pretty dang tired of missionary work. It is tough to teach with him sometimes, because Elder Sakala and I end up teaching the whole time. I hope things get a little better, but so far so good. I'm doing my best to learn the good things from my two companions at the moment. Haha :)
We live in a pretty big house with lots of rooms. The good news is that we almost always have water and electricity, and there are no birds getting in and pooping everywhere! :) The mosquitoes are much much less there as well.
I am trying to make sure a few things get done in Marimba and Mufakose while I am with these two guys. We had to attend 3 wards on Sunday because of the two wards in my area, and the one they work in. I'm very thankful that we were able to make it to the two wards in my area on Sunday so that all but one of the confirmations were able to take place. I got to do many of them this time, which was a great experience. I will do my best to make sure that the one that wasn't completed is completed in the near future. This week is just very weird and hectic with a lot going on. I basically in charge of two area on my own, while working in an area that's not even mine! Luckily, it is only for the rest of this week, and then transfers will happen. When transfers happen, I will receive a new companion. I could be staying in my area or leaving, it is too early and too tough to tell at this point.
I am officially certified to drive, and the car Mili and I used is now assigned to me for the time being. I am actually very thankful to be certified so early, because it opens up different possibilities for me in the near future. One thing is for sure, I had no idea how bad traffic actually was here until I was really behind the wheel all the time. I am already getting used to it though. Driving in the US will be a breeze when I get back! I am also really good with the manual now, so now I'm not limited to driving just automatics. I used to be scared of driving manual, but it's good that I've been thrown into a situation where I had no choice but to learn!
It works the same way with all of our fears and weaknesses. If you want to overcome them, you have to work at it and learn to overcome it, even with something as silly as driving a stick shift. I encourage all of you to work hard to overcome a fear or weakness you may have. Christ will help you overcome it if you are willing to let him help.
The last few days with Elder (now Brother) Melvyne Milikafu were very bittersweet. We stopped by many homes in our area to say goodbye, and we even went to Ruwa, his first area on his mission to visit some people. The first day or so without him was very weird. I had relied on him so much throughout my first 11 weeks, it was just a really different feeling not having him around. The cool thing is that I will see him often, because he lives so close to me. I even saw him today in town! He has even offered to come and do some lessons with us if he is available. I love that guy! My time with him was definitely a roller coaster, but I wouldn't trade it for anything, and I will never forget him or the memories we shared together. I have some big shoes to fill with him gone, but I know with the help of the Savior that I can fill them.
On his last night, we got to go out to dinner with President and Sister Mkhabela. I was very lucky to be invited. We went to a super fancy restaurant, and the food was wonderful. It was really great to chat with President and his wife with my companion. They are really great, kind, and funny people. I hope that I can build a strong relationship with them while I'm here.
The first chapter of my mission has come to a close, and it's time to start the next! I'm on to mile 4 now, and I starting to find my pace. I still have so much to learn, and am doing my best to soak it all in, both good and bad. Missions are not perfect, that's for sure. You just have to do your best to get as much out of your mission as you can, and enjoy every second. I'm very excited for what the future will bring.
We ended up playing soccer again last week, but I played pretty bad again. That's ok though! I will get another chance to play better. You just have to move on and work harder when you have a rough day.

I hope this week goes well in Glenview, and that the investigators in Marimba still stay somewhat involved with the things we taught them. If I will be staying in Marimba this next transfer there will be another wedding and baptism coming up very soon! I pray that Heavenly Father still watches over the area while I am away this week. The weather is starting to become perfect around here. The winter months ahead will be wonderful, at least I hope so! :)
I'm very excited for all the of the wonderful things happening here in Zimbabwe, but also back home. Keep striving to have hope and faith in the future, and remember that weakness and fear can be turned into strength and faith. All can be made right through Jesus Christ and his gospel. Never forget that!
Good luck to all on upcoming finals and the end of the school year.
Congratulations to all who will be graduating this month!

Thanks Happy Jacks for the awesome tribute at the concert. I was definitely there in spirit. I was able to watch the video of "Africa." It sounded great guys! I am really digging the new look you guys have. I am jealous that you guys decided to do Africa while I am in Africa, cause I wanted to sing it with you! I hope the concert went well and that the crowd was large. Go Jacks! :) To those who are staying in the group, keep it going!

I love you all so much. Please keep the thoughts and prayers coming, they mean more to me that I can ever explain.
If you have any questions of things that I am experiencing let me know! It is tough for me to know what to put in my emails each week. There is just so much to tell you guys that I forget a lot of things.  By the way, that's sugar cane I'm eating!
Talk to you next week y'all.

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