Monday, April 25, 2016

Makadii Week 12

Hi Everyone!
This week has been really action packed, and a ton of things happened toward the end of the week. I'm loving it, and trying to immerse myself as much as I can so that I don't dwell on the negative things.
The start of the week was pretty normal, and it actually started to look like some of our baptisms wouldn't happen, and that we would fall short of our goal this month. On Friday, everything turned around, and everything came together for us. We ended up having 7 baptisms this weekend, which was our goal! Also, one of the couples we have been working with, Patrick and Rachal, were married, and were part of the group that was baptized. The baptism and marriage went great, and I myself got to baptize 4 of the 7! The marriage ceremony was really cool, and we didn't outside by the church building. Just a small group of people came, and the Stake President (President Makaza) performed the ceremony. It was a really cool thing to be apart of. We even got them some cake to celebrate as well. Sunday was a very busy, but oh so wonderful day. Our hard work has been paying off! We had 9 interviews, but 2 ended up not being baptized. There are just some things that happen that we really can't control. Even though we had those people fall through, we were still so successful this month, and those people we missed this time we will be sure to pick up next time. It's pretty crazy that I've had 14 baptisms in just 2 transfers. It's quite amazing to me actually. People here are just so ready to hear our message, but they have to work to follow it.
The exciting news is that a representative from Church headquarters was here a week or so ago to start plans for the temple. He went to a few sights around Harare, including right next to the mission office in Highlands. From the sound of things, it will most likely be built there, but we don't know for sure. It is still in the works.
I also got a pretty sweet Zimbabwean Soccer jersey, and had my name and number put on the back. The printing guys messed it up originally, but they fixed it and it looks great now. Elder Milikafu got one as well. It was our companionship item! There is also a guy in our ward who makes things for missionaries. He is making some elephant leather shoes and a belt for me very soon. I'm super stoked!
It sounds like things back home are going very well for all of you. I hope the end of the school year goes well, and that the crappy weather starts to stop. I do actually miss the snow, but it is starting to get a little cooler here. Even though it will never snow, I still enjoy the colder weather. My companion thinks I'm crazy! He gets cold when it's like below 60 degrees, and that is the perfect temperature for me!
The braai last week was pretty fun. We ended up playing some soccer afterwards, and I played ok. I had the chance to score but totally screwed it up/ Better luck next time I guess! :) We are playing the other Harare Zones again today, so I think I will have my shot at redemption!

The Shona word for the week is Mupfana. It means little kid, or child. Elder Milikafu is super super short, so lot's of other missionaries call him that just to make him mad. They say he is the smallest missionary in the whole church! The funny thing is that I could actually see that being true! 

I still have no idea what is going to happen when he leaves, which will happen this Friday. I hope that these last few days are awesome for the both of us. I could end up being in a threesome with other elders, or just get a new companion, but I haven't been notified either way. I'm both excited and nervous about having a new companion, but I feel like I'm ready for the challenge. I just really hope and pray that he is a good guy! I'm sure he will be.

I didn't end up getting to sing in church this Sunday, because the others slept in and forgot! That happens a ton here! People always plan for things, and then just don't show up. It is so so different from home when you can count on people to be on time to things. Just part of the lifestyle here I guess. It makes me laugh most of the time, but other times it can really irritate me. We practiced again after church, and they said that this time they would for sure be there. haha :)

One thing I've come to know out here is the reality of this gospel, and how hard Satan actually works to make us miserable. So many things happen daily that show how he works on the people we teach, and on us as missionaries. He is real, and we have to do all we can to combat what he is throwing at us and the people around us. Back home my perspective of the gospel was so limited, but now I can really see that this is real. It is not some distant thing we just learn about, it is why we are here. The gospel is and should be what are lives are centered around, because without it our lives would have no meaning and no purpose. Sometimes I think that it would be easier to not know about the gospel, and to just live in the world, but I know that I have been called to be above that. I have been learning these things my whole life, and it is so important for me to live the way my Father in Heaven wants me to live; like his Son Jesus Christ.

I love you all so much. Please keep me updated on all the crazy things happening in your lives.

Until next week...

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