Monday, September 12, 2016

Makadii Week 32!

Hey guys! There is tons and tons to report, but I will try to be brief.
First of all, all of our baptisms and confirmations, as well as the marriage happened as planned this week! It was such a blessing! We ended up with 6, and the Ndholvus finally were married! :) They were baptized along with Charity, Sibongile, Phillis, and Tinashe. The Lord really helped me and Elder Mahlangu these six weeks, we ended with 9 baptisms! We are killing it! :) We also have 2 more couples who are progressing and will be married soon. We are keeping the marriage officer very busy, which is super great. There is nothing like getting a couple married and baptized! The future is still so so bright.
Today I am emailing from Harare. I received the news on Saturday that I have been chosen to train a new missionary who is coming mangwana (tomorrow)! I don't know much about him yet, but I know his name is Elder Makalio. The sheet says he is from Utah, but his name sounds very foreign. I will find out and have some great pictures with him next week to send to you! After a day of training here in Harare I will be headed back with him to Chegutu. I am staying and training in the same area, which I really sweet. We have people already in the teaching pool, and it is the perfect place to train my "son." I am very humbled and very excited! It seems like yesterday that I first came here, and now I get to help another Elder adjust to life in this crazy country of Zimbabwe! :) I am now 7 1/2 months, plus my weeks at the MTC. Time is moving, and by the end of my training, I will be almost half way done! Crazy stuff! :)
The 6 weeks that I had with Elder Mahlangu were filled with many miracles, but also many frustrations. I have learned so much more Shona, and have grown so much as a missionary. This transfer has been so so great. I will miss Mahlangu a lot, but I really enjoyed my time with him! Such a great guy. He has been transferred back to Harare. I am honored to say that I was his first Murungu companion! :)
I hope all is well back home, or wherever you may be. Please know of my love and appreciation for every single one of you! Enjoy the football and hunting seasons for me! :)
I love you all! :)

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