Monday, September 26, 2016

Makadii Week 34!

Hesi! :)
It has been a busy busy week, but also a good week. As usual we had some really good things happen, as well as some disappointments. The training is going really well. I am so grateful to have a humble trainee that loves to learn. He is adjusting so well and I am enjoying my time with him. Makalio is an awesome guy!
This week I was the designated "wedding planner," for our two couples, the Mapurangas and the Chatayas. I was running around most of the week to make sure all went well for the marriages and baptisms. Buying rings, coordinating cakes and gowns! Unfortunately, even after all of my hard work, we only ended up having one of the marriages take place, and only one couple being baptized. Everything is taken care of for Nathan Chataya and his new wife Rhoda, but something unexpected came up with the Mapurangas, and their marriage and baptism have been delayed at least for the time being. We will be doing our best to resolve the situation in the coming weeks. It sucks when things like this happen, but I know it will all work out in the end. We have found some success in finding new people and families to teach, and took our number from just 4 investigators at church last week, back up to 11! We have some new people that our really promising, and we will be extending baptismal dates to them this week.I hope we can help them progress! :) As a district, we ended up having 4 baptisms with 2 fathers this week. In addition to our marriage, the other guys had one as well. The cool thing is that Elder Makalio and Whiting got to perform there first baptisms as missionaries. They did great! :) It was sure a busy, but wonderful week.
This week we also had an nice Zone Meeting in Kadoma. This coming week, on Friday, we are having a huge Zone Conference in Gweru, a place I have yet to visit in Zimbabwe. The Kwekwe Zone, Gweru Zone, and Bulawayo Zone will all be in attendance. It will be a sweet meeting! :) the cool news is that I will be singing and playing my guitar again for everyone. This time it will just be me though! I am planning to play a mash-up of a popular EFY song, and a song that I recently wrote here in Zim. I am super happy to be able to share my talents with others, I hope they like it! Also, just like always, I have been asked to be the chorister for the conference. All of my musical training back home is really helping me here! :)
The future is bright in our area and I am trying to enjoy every second that I have here in Africa! I hope all is goping well back home and that you all are enjoying the football and baseball that is happening! I love you and the Lord does too! :)

Here is some more Shona: Uno penga! (You are crazy!)
By the way, it is getting very hot here in Zimbabwe. Kuri kupisa! (It is hot!)

It isn't too horrible, but is for sure hotter than Wyoming!

Musari Mushe everyone! :)

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