Monday, October 3, 2016

Makadii Week 35!

Hey everyone!
This week has been good, and also busy busy like usual. All in all there isn't too much to report this week. It is getting very very kupisa (hot) here!
Elder Makalio and I are doing well, and the training is going great. We have extended quite a few baptismal dates this past week, so we will now be working very hard to keep things running smoothly for those investigators in the coming weeks. I hope we will be able to help them progress and prepare for baptism. If all goes well, we will have quite a number of baptisms this month! The Lord is truly blessing us! We had a good number at church this week, and some people we can fall back on. It is nice when things begin to be consistent. We will be baptizing a few younger kids this week, Eunice and Obey. It will be super great! We also have two more families, the Chinga and Tembo families, that we are hoping to baptize in the near future. Still no real answers with the Mapuranga's marriage. We will just have to be patient. :)
We had Zone Conference on Friday, so I got to drive down to Gweru with the district. I was cool to visit and see a part of the mission I haven't be able to see yet. Gweru is an awesome place, with a beautiful chapel. My musical item/performance went well, and I think everyone enjoyed it. Mostly I am just thankful I get to perform for people still. I love to sing, play and help others feel the spirit! :) I got to see my MTC buddy, Elder Scoresby for the first time in 8 months! We haven't seen each other since we arrived, so it was a wonderful reunion. We shared our last meal on American soil together; a nice brisket sandwich at Arby's in the Atlanta airport back in February! My last companion, Elder Mahlangu, has become a Zone leader in Gweru! I am super happy for him, so I got to see him as well at the conference. There are only a few missionaries that I have yet to meet in the mission, so I have almost met all of them! :)
One crazy thing, Elder Makalio passed out during the conference, but woke up after about 10 seconds. He had us all scared, but he turned out fine!
I hope all is well wherever you may be! It sounds like General Conference was great. I will get to see that next week, if all goes well with the connection and stuff. I always love them! Crazy thing is that I only get to miss two more conferences on my mission, it's nuts! Soon I will be halfway done!
One thing that I have really come to love here is Madora. They are these small worms that you can cook and eat. They are actually very very tasty!
It is crazy how serving in Chegutu has helped me grow. When I was in Marimba, I just wasn't in a position where I needed to know Shona, and some of the ins and outs of the work. I had Zimbabwean companions, so I could rely on them to speak and help me. When I came to Chegutu, I had to learn it, so that I could connect with the people. There are like no natives in the mission anymore, so we have to ask and try to learn all the time. I knew a little bit while I was there, but now I'm learning more almost every day. It's pretty sweet!II I'm loving it! :)

I love you all so so much! Keep trusting the Lord, and enjoying life! :)
You are loved! :)
I also heard that the Pokes beat up on the Rams down in Fort Collins. Go Pokes! It is always nice when the Pokes pick up a win, even if I am in Africa! :)

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