Monday, October 31, 2016

Salibonani Week 39!

Salibonani! Linjani!? (Hello, how are you?) I will be using a new subject line while I am serving in Bulawayo.
Greetings everyone! I love you guys so much! I am in a bit of a rush today because I am busy in Harare for Missionary Leadership Council (MLC), the monthly meeting for ZL's, Assistants and STL's. We had a 6 hour ride this morning, so I only get an hour or so to email! The meeting is tomorrow, and we head back tomorrow night.
My first week as a ZL, and my first week in Bulawayo has been good. Very busy, but good. The culture really isn't too much different, but it is a little bit hotter than Harare. The only difference is the language, but the people here in Zim all speak mixed languages. I am learning to khuluma (speak) what Ndebele I can. The nice thing is that people in Blues are pretty good at English, so there aren't many problems. My companion is Elder Njoga, from Kenya. He has been out for around 20 months and only has around 4 months left. He is a good guy, and I am just getting to know him!
We serve in a ward and a branch! Gwabalanda Ward, and Luveve Branch. We live in a small house in Luveve, and I am now driving a Toyota Quest. It is automatic, so I guess I get a break from stick shift for a little while. It is a sweet car, and we really need it to carry out the work there. I have done a lot of driving in my first week, so it really is a blessing. I already have most of the streets and turns down. One thing your mission will do is help you become really good at learning quickly, and adjusting at a faster pace. One crazy thing is that our Branch President in Luveve is blind. Pretty cool how to see how everything works. The Lord helps him, and so do his counselors. The area(s) are really great, and we do have some great people to teach. We had a few brand new people come to church this Sunday, and we have some baptisms planned in the coming weeks! :)
I have gotten to see some old friends in Harare today, and it has been great to see all my mission friends. One thing that I love about being a ZL is being so involved in the mission, and getting to see and visit with all of the other missionaries. I'm stoked! :)
Zimbabwe is very very hot, and we are expecting rains any day now. One crazy thing, I finally got to weigh myself, for the first time in 9 months, and I am now above 65 kgs, which is between 140-145 lbs. Sadza has made me gain 10 lbs so far! Haha :)
I am so happy that the Pokes beat Boise State! I am proud to be a cowboy fan at the moment. Even though I am not watching them, I am cheering them on all the way from Zimbabwe! :) I hope they can keep it up! Good Ol' Wyoming now officially has a temple! Heck yeah! I guess the Lord is helping the Pokes win as a result of the temple and my service. ;) haha
I'm learning a lot and trusting the Lord to help me in my new calling and area. I know he will! I wish you all the best. Please know of my love for each of you!
Nisale Kahle! (Stay well)
Ngiyanithanda (I love you all!)

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