Monday, November 7, 2016

Salibonani Week 40!

Yebo! Just hit 40 weeks!
Sorry, as a ZL I just don't have the time I usually have had, so this might be pretty short. I will try to include the good stuff.
I am amlost all the way adjusted to Bulawayo, and I am starting to get the ZL thing down. I really enjoy being so involved in the mission and with the other missionaries. It does bring added stress, but it is an exciting change in my mission experience. I am excited to see where it takes me! My first MLC experience last Tuesday was good, and I enjoyed giving my input in the council! I am super excited for the upcoming Christmas events, including a Christmas Devotional (basically a Zone Conference but with a Christmas focus).

 I really do love Christmas time, even if I am here in Africa. It does stink that I wont have any snow, but I hope I can find a small Christmas tree to use. :) We will have to wait and see! By the way, they don't celebrate Halloween here. They have no idea what that even is in most places.
This week has involved a lot of running around helping and transporting missionaries. We were able to have some really great lessons with our investigators and we have some really great people that we are preparing for baptism. Br. Tshuma, Lethokuhle, Michael, and others! We will see how everything goes these next few weeks, but at least we have people coming to church. These last few weeks, 4 more of the investigators I had left in Chegutu were baptized by Elder Makalio. I am so happy that even though I left, things are still going well. I have been blessed to learn that many of my former investigators in my old areas have been baptized so far on my mission. It really is a great feeling. I called some old friends and converts from Marimba and Chegutu this week and it was really nice to catch up. It is cool to see how much of an effect you can have on the places and people you serve. :)
I do have a correction on one of my previous emails. Madora are caterpillars, not worms. Either way, I still really like them. It doesn't sound like it, but if you cook them right, they taste delicious. Lately, my companion has been making Chapati which is really good.
We also got caught in a small dust storm/tornado in the middle of a lesson last week. That was quite interesting. You see small dust tornados quite often around here. One thing I noticed here in Blues is that the soil is a much lighter color than Northern Zimbabwe. Blues is Southwest in Zimbabwe. There has been a lot of water problems in the suburbs this past week, so we have bee busy trying to make sure all the missionaries have what they need.
I love you all so much. Please continue to be happy, and to have a positive outlook. It will make all the difference! Keep cheering on the 7-2 Wyoming Cowboys for me. I am so happy that the team is finally finding success. Go Pokes, and Go Celtics! :)
Nisale kahle! :)
PS. Crazy that the Cubs came back to win the World Series and end the curse!
Also, I didn't really take many pictures this week, so I uploaded some ones that I took in Chegutu. 

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