Monday, May 8, 2017

Makadii Week 66!

Greetings everyone! :)
The week has been pretty typical for us. The beginning of the month always seems to be slow as a missionary in Zimbabwe, and lots of people are coming and going as the holiday ends, and the second school term begins here. We found some new people to teach and are still making plans for our upcoming baptisms toward the end of the month. We had exchanges, and MLC this week which both went well, with more exchanges coming up the next 2 weeks. The transfer is in its finishing stages, with 2 weeks left to go. Next Saturday we will find out the transfer news yet again, and changes will be made. Not sure what will happen.

We have a wonderful family we have been teaching, the Mashaya family. They have been to church the last 2 weeks but sadly most will be leaving as the school term begins here in Zimbabwe. 2 of the kids will have to wait until the next holiday in August to get baptized, but we are hoping to have a baptism for the oldest son and the parents sometime soon. The others we have been working with are still progressing, and we hope all goes well for them! We continue to walk to church each Sunday, and we had a wonderful fast for our investigators yesterday. We are hoping for some miracles. :)
One of the young daughters in the Mashaya family, Tanatswa, is super smart. We were asking about the Holy Ghost in one of our lessons, and this is what she said. "The Holy Ghost brings happy moments to the heart." Very wise words from a 12 year old. I am bummed that her and her sister are leaving for school, to places where the church is not yet established, but I hope that she can be baptized soon after she returns. Chances are I won't still be here by then, but who knows.
I will get to see some of you on my Mother's Day skype this coming Sunday. I am stoked. The crazy thing is, today marks 1 year since my last Mother's Day skype. Crazy how things have changed. Also crazy how I am calling from Harare, just like last time.
Working hard and pushing through. That's all we can really do, right? Sending my love to all of you, wherever you may be. :)

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