Monday, May 22, 2017

Makadii Week 68!

Well, hello!
Another week down, and another transfer down too. I am now on transfer #12! Kinda crazy, but I do feel like I have been here for a long time, so not too crazy. haha :) Just living the African life.
Week 6 was busy as usual. We had exchanges, 2 baptisms for Samantha and Vida, transfer news, interviews, etc. Always busy doing something! I was happy for Samantha and Vida to get baptized this week. It has been cool to see them open up to us and to the gospel this past month or so.

I found out that I will be staying in Eastview for another 6 weeks and will remain with Elder Whiting as a zone leader. I haven't stayed with a companion for more than 1 transfer since I was with Sekerere back in July last year. Its been a long time! Kinda weird for me to stay here with Whiting, but it will be nice to see more miracles happen in Eastview this transfer. We have been doing our best to find more people to teach and are working hard. We were able to have 10 investigators at church yesterday, and we had a couple of investigators come that we didn't expect. The work is moving. The bummer is that we will no longer be going to Arcturus to teach there. Other elders have been assigned there now, so we can still go there for interviews and stuff. Just in Eastview for now.
There was a member in our branch who died this past week. Her name was Rosemary. I gave her a blessing on my first day in Eastview, but her health has been declining. It was interesting to take part in some of the funeral events, and to see some different parts of the culture. Her burial was on Sunday, so we just had Sacrament meeting and then attended the funeral with the other members.

We weren't too busy today for transfers. Just helping out with bags and transporting missionaries to various places. We are blessed to have many cars in our zone. Makes it much easier on us! :) We actually had some time to play basketball today which was nice.

Another transfer has begun and time keeps rolling on by. I'm just doing my best to do my part and to seek to enjoy each minute I have left. I am blessed to have a companion who is humble and is willing to work hard. Just gotta keep pushing.
I love you all so much! Stay sweet and stay safe. :)

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