Thursday, February 11, 2016

From Kevin's email on February 11, 2016

Hello All! Everything is well here in South Africa! The MTC schedule is getting pretty old, and I'm really looking forward to being in the field in less than a week. All of the Zimbabwe missionaries here will be heading out next Tuesday afternoon! It will be great to finally get out and get things done. The MTC here is tiny. There are only about 30 of us here at a time. It's really nice though to have more one on one instruction. My companion's name is Elder Silotile (See-loh-tee-lay). He is an a Black, South African native, who is also serving in Zimbabwe. He has only been a member for a few years, and he is the only member in his family. It has been really hard to find common ground, and to teach with him, but I've learned so much patience and courage as a result. I'm thankful for the chance to grow, and am trying my best to have a positive attitude. Here is a picture of Kevin and some of the other Elders in his group. South Africa looks like a beautiful place!

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