Monday, July 11, 2016

Makadii Week 23

Hello Everyone!

Today marks the end of week 23, and the start of Week 24! At the end of this next week I will technically be at 6 months, if you think that 6 months times 4 weeks is 24, but it isn't really 6 months until the end of July. It's pretty crazy either way! :)
This past week ended up being sort of a bummer for Smiley and I because we didn't get to work in the area on Wednesday, which is basically Tuesday for you guys. I know my family has heard, but there was a nationwide strike/protest in Zimbabwe on that day, and one of the craziest places was one of our areas, Mufakose. We were told to head home and be indoors a little earlier Tuesday night because of the threats, and then Sekerere and I decided to stay home on Wednesday, which turned out to be the right decision. I won't go into all the details, but there was many arrests made, and fire and roadblocks were everywhere in our area. Things got pretty crazy, so I am glad that we made the safe decision. When we went back the next day, we saw some of the aftermath and heard some crazy stories. Rest assured that my companion and I are perfectly safe, and happy as we can be! :) It sounds like there wasn't any incidents with any other missionaries, so I'm glad that the Lord was watching out for us!
Another cool thing this week was that I ran into a guy in our area that was wearing a grey Wyoming hoodie, with a brown Steamboat on it. I was super excited to see it! I never thought I would see a Zimbabwean wearing Wyoming Cowboy gear, but now I can say that I have! I waved at him and was freaking out, and he was actually pretty confused why I was so happy to see him. He was a total stranger, but it made my day. Go WYO! :)
We got a few referrals from members this week, and one of them has accepted a baptismal invitation for the 30th of this month! She is the little sister of one of the Bishopric members in Mufakose Ward. Her name is Sandra! She is another person that is so prepared to hear the gospel. The Kwenda Family is still doing well, and their banns should be starting this next week. We had to give them some money to get an ID# for the wife. It is one of the things required for a marriage here, so I hope they are able to get it taken care of before Sunday. It sucks to wait for a baptism because of marriage stuff, but I am being patient. These next three weeks are critical, because their baptism could get pushed to next transfer, and I might have to leave. I know the Lord will make it work the way he wants, so I'm putting my trust in Him, just like with pretty much every other phase of missionary work! I know it will work out, especially if we have faith!
I just returned from playing bhora in Mabvuku with a bunch of RM's and missionaries. I played very badly, but it was still fun! It was a tie game, so no one had the upper hand. This coming week, my district is going to a Lion/Cheetah Game Park, so I should have some sweet pictures for you next week. Zone Meeting tomorrow!
Things are going well all things considered. I am definitely relying on the Lords help, and noticing his hand in every aspect of my life and my experience in Zimbabwe, and currently as a DL. I love you all so so much, and am so grateful for the impact you have had on me.
Keep enjoying the summer, and don't have too much fun without me! ;) Stay sweet!

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