Monday, July 25, 2016

Makadii Week 25!

Ndeipi everyone!? :)
The final week of the transfer is here, and my time with Elder Sekerere is almost up. I have to make this last week count! I will miss him greatly, but know it is time to move on to something and someone new. I still have no idea what will really happen with transfers, but will know very very soon!
The area is doing pretty well, and we will for sure be meeting our goal, but there is a good chance of us not getting to baptize all of the people we had actually hoped to. The parents to one of our investigators, Patience, have told us that they won't let her be baptized, at least for the moment. I am holding out hope that their hearts will change soon, and that she will end up being baptized and confirmed in the near future. It just might not be me who does it, which is ok! The Kwenda's will have to get a marriage done this week if we have any chance of getting them baptized, so we will be doing all that we can to make that happen, but it might not get done in time. If so, they will be pushed a few more weeks. I hate delaying a baptism, so please pray that all goes well! I would really appreciate it! The rest of the investigators are doing really well, and we have a few more that are actually progressing now!

One man we started teaching this week, Mr. Mupamba, is a military veteran, and is almost completely deaf. His hearing aids don't work very well, so teaching him is very tough. We have to be very loud, and clear. He is doing well, but I fear that he will stop coming to church because he can't hear what the speakers are saying. He told us he feels very out of place there, so I'm really praying for a miracle to happen with him. He has such a great desire to learn more, and I know his faith can make a difference! All is well though, for sure.
A couple of things from this week:
1. We had exchanges with the ZLs again in Domboshava, and I missed the Zebras again! My companion got to see them this time though, so he made sure to rub it in. haha :)
2. We played a few games of pool this week too, and I am actually a lot better than I though I was. There are lots of pool tables here, even though they aren't always in the best condition. We played and beat the ZLs!
3.Don't ask for a napkin here. It means diaper.
4. I ate quail guts and liver this week, and it wasn't very tasty. :)
I love you all so so much. Please never forget how much I love and care for each one of you. Always remember how blessed you are, and how much our Savior loves you. You're all the best!
Until next time shamwari! :)

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