Monday, February 27, 2017

Makadii Week 56!

Hey! :) A busy day of traveling, and driving so far.

Well, I am back to saying Makadii instead of Salibonani! I am emailing from Harare today. I received the news on Saturday that I would be transferred back to Harare, after 7 1/2 months away, to be a Zone Leader in the Harare East Zone. I will be serving in a place called Eastview, a suburb of Harare, and my new companion is Elder Bamutesiza from Uganda. Oddly enough, this is his last transfer, so he will be the fourth missionary that I have "killed." This is his first and last transfer as a ZL. I am excited to work with him and get to know him.

I am also excited for new experiences in a new place. It does feel good to be back in Harare. I missed it for sure. We will be learning the area a bit this week, and will be getting our feet underneath us. I live in Zimre Park, so we will have to drive a bit to our area each day. Lot's to learn and lot's to do.
I had lots of good and bad times in Bulawayo in my 4 1/2 months there, but I will always be thankful for the time I spent there, and the things I learned. Had some nice goodbyes and I even bore my testimony in Ndebele. The members loved it! Elder Mhlungu and I had about 5 people we were planning to baptize next week, so I am glad things were starting to pick up in my last area. Bulawayo Zone is now the biggest in the mission, and there have been lots of changes. I am excited for the coming weeks and to see how the transfer will play out.
We finally watched the Missionary training broadcast this last week, and yesterday some less active members that I have been working with finally came back to church in Gwabalanda for the first time in a very long time. I found out that Chegutu Branch will be splitting into two branches in the coming months. The growth there is crazy good. My grandson Elder Whittier is now training a new missionary there, Elder Thomas. I now have a great grandson on my mission. My mission posterity is growing! :) 4 generations are here now! My son Elder Makalio is now in Harare with me, but in Harare Marimba, my old zone.
One funny thing: I have yet to attend a Stake Conference as a missionary. There was one in Harare right after I left last year, and there is one in Blues this coming weekend, right after I just left. Just something odd that I noticed. haha :)
We saw the caravan of President Mugabe driving through Bulawayo after his birthday celebration in Matobo this week. Kinda cool. Also, I have learned that my new house has a washing machine. How sweet is that!
I am excited to be back in H-town, and back to speaking Shona. I am sending my love to all of you! :) Talk to you again next week!

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