Monday, March 13, 2017

Makadii Week 58!

The week has been good. We have been doing our best to work smart in our area and we have been finding people willing to listen to us, we will just have to work hard to help them progress and come to church. Things are getting better for us each day. The baptism planned this week for Tendai will be pushed back a bit because of a marriage concern, so I will hope that things will work out soon for that. We did have 2 new fathers at church this week which was nice.
My birthday celebration ended up being a success. I was determined to bake my favorite cake from back home, Texas Sheet Cake, and it went better than expected! It tasted almost as good as back home, it was just a bit lopsided because of our oven. :) When I left home I never thought I would get to eat it while I was here in Zimbabwe, but I am so glad I can! During the day on my birthday we were just busy doing missionary work, but at night we had some other elders over who wanted to celebrate with me. It was a nice time, and I am happy the cake turned out well. I am going to make it again tonight for our zone meeting tomorrow! :) My baking skills are better than I thought they would be! I also received a call from President and Sister Mkhabela, and they along with some other missionaries at a zone conference sang happy birthday to me. It brightened my day for sure.
The MLC meeting and our Zone Conference this week went well and I learned a lot about leadership from President Mkhabela, We actually got to watch the training broadcast given to the Mission Presidents in December, and it was cool. I gave a piece of cake to President and his wife, as well as to some others working in the mission office. They all said they liked it! :)  One thing that President said that I really liked: "It is better to have the support of the Savior than anyone else."
Lot's of running around and driving around this week helping members of the zone. One funny thing is that my companion hates dogs, so we always have to be sure to stay away from them in the area. haha :) We continue to get lots of rain every couple of days, but winter time is on its way here in Zim. I even had to put on a pullover, or 'jersey' one day this week, and I don't ever really get too cold. I'm a Wyoming boy after all! :)
I am excited to be 21 and am excited for these next 10 months I have left as a missionary. I hope they are filled with happiness and success. I hope your lives are also filled with happiness and success, wherever you may be. If we rely on the Savior we can find the success and happiness we seek. I love you all, and wish you all the best. Talk to you next week shamwari!

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