Monday, March 20, 2017

Makadii Week 59!

Hey there y'all!
This week has been up and down, but ultimately success was found. Although the marriage issues with Tendai will take some time to solve, we will be having one baptism this coming week for a young girl named Sandra. She has been stubborn with missionaries in the past, is really quiet around us, but she has been learning and coming to church, and wants to be baptized. I love it when that happens! So, if all goes well, another baptism will be happening this week, my first in Eastview! I also heard that some of my investigators down in Bulawayo are to be baptized this coming week as well. I hope all goes well here and there. We had 12 new investigators this week and one of them came to church! Our branch in Damofalls is relatively small, with lots of less active members. It is a constant battle to keep people coming. They are thinking about splitting the branch soon, but I am not sure how soon. Our area, Eastview, is farther from the meetinghouse, so we are having a hard time getting our investigators to church because it is so far. We also help out in a place called Arcturus, just outside of Harare, and they will be having some baptisms in the coming weeks there as well. Exciting things on the horizon!
Our zone is doing really well, and I am lucky to have such a hard working zone to look after. We had a sweet zone meeting this last week, one of the best I have had on my mission. They all enjoyed the cake I made for them, even though it was more like brownies than cake. I forgot to add the soda to the cake recipe and it didn't rise, so I made some Texas Sheet Brownies! haha :) They still tasted good, so all is well.
We had exchanges this week on St. Patricks Day, even though they don't celebrate it here. I was with Elder Dixon for the day, and we both wore green ties in honor of the occasion! It was actually his 21st birthday yesterday, so we were able to celebrate our birthdays together! We made the Texas Sheet cake again last night, but this time we remembered the soda. :)
This week we are going to have exchanges with the Assistants on Friday, and I am excited to learn from them. Our zone will be having quite a few baptisms this coming weekend to close out the month of March if all goes well. I finally cooked my own batch of Madora caterpillars this week as well. I am the only one in my house that likes them. I did good for my first time! Today we played some basketball, and frisbee at a members house in Highlands! The Spencer family was so very kind to us. She fed us breakfast (pancakes, sausages and hot chocolate), and let us use their basketball court. To top it off, they made us chocolate chip cookies. :) They have a daughter of their own coming home from her mission in France in a few weeks, and a son that is about to leave for his mission. The father is the 1st Counselor in the Harare Stake Presidency. He is actually from the states, but came to Zimbabwe with his wife, who actually grew up here. It was a fun time. We are going to play some golf next week, similar to the activity last year!
I love you all and wish you the best in all of your endeavors! :) Musare zvakanaka!

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