Monday, March 27, 2017

Makadii Week 60!

Hello everyone! :)
I hope all is well wherever you may be. This week went well for us, and the Lord blessed us with a baptism to end the week. Our  14 year old investigator, Sandra, was baptized on Sunday, and I was privileged to perform the ordinance! I am thankful for our hard work in Eastview bringing success. There will be a couple of baptisms in Arcturus this week or next, so I am happy for that. Still doing our best to help the people of Eastview, and to help the members of the zone.
The zone ended up with 48 baptisms in the month of March, with 26 of them coming this past weekend. The mission ended the month with a total of 175 baptisms, so we are still keeping the average we need to surpass 2,000 baptisms this year. Gotta keep it up! I am thankful for what we were able to accomplish! Things are looking even better for the month of April, so I am excited to see what the zone and mission can do.
We had exchanges with the Assistants this past week which went well, I hit some more golf balls at the driving range this morning with some other elders, we have interviews this week with President Mkhabela, and exchanges with other elders set up for the next two weeks. Our monthly MLC meeting will be next week, and we are now in Week 5 of my 10th transfer with 2 weeks left to go until transfer news comes again. Lots and lots happening, and still busy as ever. The banks and ATMs are still are problem, but I am used to it by now. The Lord watches out for us though, so I'm not too stressed about that.
I was super stoked to see my second Wyoming Cowboy shirt in Zimbabwe this week, but this time the guy was wearing gameday gold! I even saw a guy wearing a Five Guys Burgers and Fries shirt, which made me a bit sad actually. haha :) either way, it was cool to see.
One last thing, we got a new truck this past week. The Isuzu we had was getting pretty old, with 175,000 km on it, so we got a new Nissan truck to replace it. It was crazy, when we picked it up there was only 19 km on it. Kinda cool to think that I am the first Elder to drive it. :)
I am excited for the upcoming General Conference, but we will be watching it a week later in our branch on the 8th and 9th of April. That is pretty common here in Zimbabwe.

I love you all! Thanks for all you do, and I wish you all the best this coming week.

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