Monday, April 10, 2017

Makadii Week 62!

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well during this Easter season.
Transfers have happened today, and I have been super busy transporting missionaries and all of their luggage. Elder Bamutesiza is headed home tomorrow, and I am now with my old pal Elder Whiting. I was his first district leader when he came into the mission back in August down in Chegutu. We know each other well, and I am excited for the coming 6 weeks. I have never really been with a companion like him, so it will be interesting for me. He is just my 2nd American companion and my 9th overall, and really my first whit companion. He is very obedient and hard working, so I know we can get things done. I will just have to overcome my struggles and be willing to work hard. We will still be in good ol' Eastview and I will be training him as a new Zone Leader in the Harare East Zone. Not many changes were made in our zone this transfer period, so we will still be pushing realistically toward our goals this month and beyond.
I was able to watch just the 2 Sunday sessions of conference this weekend, we got super busy on Saturday and weren't able to see any sessions. We had to help with baptisms and do transfer stuff, so I did lots of driving back and forth around Harare helping things run smoothly. It has been a hectic week for sure, and I know as long as I am here in Zimbabwe my weeks will never be quiet. We had some nice dinners with members this week to send Bam off on a good note so I was well fed. I even made some chapati with Elder Makalio and Elder Hoffman at one of the dinners we had with them.
In Arcturus, we will be having a marriage and baptism coming up at the end of this month, along with some others. Mai Peace, the mom of the young man that we are working with, has finally agreed to be married so she can be baptized. Her husband was baptized long back, and is now starting to come back to church. This coming weekend we will be having a baptism for a young girl named Divine in Eastview. She is only 9, and her parents are both converts. It has been fun seeing her open up to us more and more each time we visit. The work is moving along, and we will hit the ground running this week and will start the transfer off on the right foot. :)
We have a Zone Conference coming up next week, and will always be running around. I am always praying and putting my trust in the Lord to help me through. 10 Transfers down, 6 1/2 to go!
I love all of you and wish you the best. Remember the Savior this week as we remember his Atonement for all of us. As a zone we decided on our zone culture, and I felt inspired to share 2 Nephi 9:39, one of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon, with them. For some reason the spirit has really been teaching me lately, through conference and through my studies, about being spiritually minded. "spiritually minded ilife eternal." In our zone, we have a greed to S.M.I.L.E. As we do so we will bring the blessing of heaven into our lives. It is the key to everything.

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