Monday, April 17, 2017

Makadii Week 63!

Mhoroi! Ndeipi!? :)
The week of Easter was good here in Zimbabwe. Elder Whiting and I were out and about and finding/teaching new investigators a bunch, and we also had a baptism for our young investigator Divine. She is the youngest child and the rest of the family are members, so it was pretty easy for us to help her progress. She is 9. The confirmation didn't happen on Sunday for some reason, but we will make sure to do it when she comes back from the rural areas next week. It was nice to have a baptism the week of Easter. The zone now has 26 baptisms this month, and we have 44 left to baptize the next two weeks if we are going to reach it. I have confidence that we can at least get close to it. We have more baptisms and a marriage coming up, and we were able to set 2 more baptismal dates in the area. We will exceed our goal this month, which is pretty sweet, and we have more coming up in May. Things are looking up. :)
The first week with Whiting has been good, and we are getting along pretty well. He is helping me be more obedient and focused. Our zone conference has been pushed to next week on the 25th, so this week will be normal for us. Still busy and still going strong. For a couple weeks it looked like the rain had finally stopped here in Zimbabwe, but the past 3 days it has been cloudy and raining like crazy. The rain should be stopping soon. The winter will begin here at the end of May, when summer begins for those of you back in the US.
I did realize that last Monday, the 10th of April, was the 13 year anniversary of my baptism and confirmation way back in 2004 in Kimberly, ID. It's crazy how much things can change in 13 years. I never thought I would be where I am, serving the Lord 10,000 miles away. I also never thought I would have the experiences that I have had since then, neither did I understand that I would make so many mistakes in my teenage years. As my knowledge of the gospel and God's plan has grown in those 13 years, I have come to know that those mistakes can be left behind, and that those experiences were necessary to make me who I am today. Even though I grew up in the church, I have still had to work really hard to find my testimony throughout the years. I am so thankful for the blessings I received for being brought up in the Lord's church, even though many times I have taken them for granted. That's why I am here, to help other people find and claim those same blessings for themselves. I know the Lord Jesus Christ died and lives for us. I know that through him we can inherit life eternal.
I love you all and wish you the best. Never forget the blessings that God has given you. :)

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