Monday, July 31, 2017

Makadaii Week 78!

Hello once again! Africa is just as crazy, and action packed as ever.
I am in Harare today and tomorrow for our MLC meeting once again. It is pretty crazy that July is already over and I have been in Kadoma for 4 weeks already. We had a good week and found lots of new investigators, but many of them are not progressing. Good things take time I guess! We were able to have confirmations for Jasper and Br Karichi this week, but we are still waiting on Simba and Alexio to be around and on time on Sunday. Hopefully this coming week!
We will be having another baptism this coming Sunday for a young guy named Tapiwa, who has been meeting missionaries and coming to church for a long time. Things have finally fallen into place for him, and he will be baptized this week! We have another investigator, Br. Nyabote, who we are working with to help him stop drinking and smoking before he can be baptized. We are hoping miracles can happen for him so he can be baptized in August. Other than that we are just finding and teaching and seeking the elect. Kadoma sure has been good to me so far! 2 weeks left in the transfer.
Today before we drove to Harare we played a 9-hole round of golf at the Golf Club in Kadoma with the other elders in Kadoma. It was actually an ok course, and I enjoyed it even thought I was just as bad as I have always been. I have figured out my swing with the driver finally, and had some good shots today. I had a putt for Par but missed, that was my best hole of the day. Haha :) It was good to actually play a round of golf again. Even though I am pretty bad and get frustrated, I still enjoy it. When we got to Harare we went and played some basketball with the other elders at the office like always. Lots of fun today! I am still going to the gym 4/5 days a week and am getting better with lifting weights and getting back into some sort of shape.
If all goes well, next week on Monday I will be with some Elephants, up close and personal, for the first time on my mission. There is a game park not for from Chegutu and Kadoma that has elephants. I hope all goes well, and I will be sure to get pictures! :)
Elder Billings and I did come up with a cool parable this week about how the church is like a combi. Just a reference, a combi is a commuter omnibus that most people use to get around. It is a common form of transportation throughout Zim and most of Southern Africa. I will share more about that next week when I have some more time. I am just grateful that the true church, and all that it brings with it, has been restored today. I know that it is the only "vehicle' that can get us to our destination safely. 

Another week ahead of us, and the Lord's work continues. I love all of you and wish you all the best! 

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