Monday, July 24, 2017

Makadii Week 77!

Well, the week was crazy busy, but we made it! Yebo, baba! :)

A zone conference, exchanges, travelling, interviews, and baptisms are enough to make a missionary go crazy, but it was actually nice to be busy. All went well this week, except for the fact that we missed our morning bus to return to Kadoma from exchanges in Harare. It only delayed us a few hours. We traveled safely throughout the week and everything worked out. Br. Karichi, Alexio, and Jasper were all baptized on Sunday! Killian was confirmed and Simba was just a bit late so he will get confirmed next week. We were able to finish the preparations to help them be baptized, and even though we still have much to teach them, they were all ready and prepared for baptism. Now just have to make sure they all get confirmed and that they continue to learn. 3 weeks and 5 baptisms in Kadoma. We are blessed for sure! 

We have a few investigators that should be baptized in the next month, so we will keep finding and teaching and serving and will find more success! Exhanges with the DL's in the zone are coming up the next 3 weeks. Our Branch President and his wife welcomed a new baby boy into their family this week which is awesome. He was a bit tired at church yesterday. :)

Our exchanges with the AP's went well. Lots of teaching, and finding. It was nice to be in Harare again for a day and a half. I got to work with Elder Scoresby for the first time on my mission. We flew from the USA together 18 months ago, and were in the same MTC group. It was a good experience. At our zone conference I had to say goodbye to the some of the sister missionaries who I came with 18 months ago. They will be going back home 6 months before me, so it was weird for me to say goodbye. I won't get the chance to see them when they leave at the end of the transfer, which is in 3 weeks. A pretty normal week ahead of us with no baptisms planned, and nothing crazy happening. MLC will be next week to end July and start August, so I will be back in Harare when I send my next email. Kinda crazy the July is over soon. only 5 months and 2 weeks left to go! 

Two of my old investigators were also baptized this week in Arcturus. Dorcas and Fungisai, two young sisters who walk almost two hours to go to church, were finally baptized after more teaching and commitment. I am glad not only for them, but for all the younger kids that have been baptized throughout my mission, because they get the chance to learn and live the gospel at such a young age. They all have a bright future. All I can hope is that they are helped and watched over by the efforts of church leaders and their families. 

Not much to say this week, just that I am thankful for the Lord's help on my mission and for the people that have been prepared for me to bring into the gospel. I am grateful to have played a part in their conversion and in their lives. An update: With 5 of my current and former investigators baptized this weekend, there is now a total of 99 people whom I have worked with that are now baptized as a result of my service as a missionary in Zimbabwe these last 18 months. This really is a time of hastening and hard work in Africa. Like I said before, the Lord is the one doing all the work, I am just honored to say that I have helped these 99 people come closer to their Heavenly Father. With just under 6 months left, who knows how many more miracles I will play a part in? Just like the old Beach Boys song says, "God only knows." 

I love all of you so much. Have a good week! :)

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