Monday, July 3, 2017

Makadii Week 74!

Hello everyone! Transfer day is here yet again! At the moment I am emailing from Kadoma, a small town near my former area of Chegutu, some 2 hours outside of Harare. 

After a crazy and awesome 3 transfers (4 1/2 months) in Eastview, I will be leaving the Harare East Zone and will be going back to one of my former zones! I will still be serving as a zone leader of the Kwekwe Zone alongside Elder Billings, a native of West Ogden, Utah. We are actually serving in a small town called Kadoma, about 1 hour from the actual town of Kwekwe, with two other elders. We stay in a house just the two of us, and work in our own branch. There are two branches here in Kadoma, along with a new "cluster" of members that will soon be a branch as well. We serve in the Kadoma 1st branch, and the other elders serve in the other branch. I served in the Kwekwe Zone 9 months ago when I served as a District Leader in Chegutu, so I am a bit familiar with Kadoma and the rest of the zone already, as we often came for meetings here. It is called Kwekwe Zone, but it is very spread out and covers many different places. 

I have gone from the biggest zone in the mission with 24 missionaries, to one of the smallest with 12 missionaries. I am excited for the new opportunities and will hit the ground running! I am excited to see some familiar places again and even visit Chegutu once in a while to see some old friends. 

After all the trials, challenges, happy moments, sacrifices, and miracles experienced in Eastview and the Harare East Zone the last 3 transfers, I will for sure miss it. I learned a lot of things during my time there, and will look back on it with fond memories. I will miss Elder Whiting quite a lot, and will always be thankful for our time together. I know he will help our investigators and will keep the work moving in Eastview. It was hard to say goodbye to my friends in the branch, as well as some converts and investigators, but I know that I did my best there, and I feel at peace with the changes that have been made. I am also thankful to have been able to help in Arcturus Branch as well. Lot of memories for sure! I am excited for new challenges and more miracles to come here in Kadoma. Should be another action packed transfer here in Zimbabwe!  

Today I woke up early to catch the bus and arrived here in Kadoma just before 10:00am. We have helped some other missionaries, and now I will be settling in to the house, and the area. 

After my first week here I will be headed back to Harare for the MLC meeting next Monday and Tuesday, and will still be in touch with other missionaries. It is nice to go back every month for MLC and to be so involved in the mission.

I love you all so much, stay safe and stay sweet. Hello Kadoma!

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