Monday, August 15, 2016

Makadii Week 28!

Warm greetings everyone! 28 weeks now, I'm 7 months a missionary!

This past week in Chegutu has brought a lot of miracles and lessons learned, but also a ton of frustration for me. We ended up having 10 investigators at church this week, 4 of them were fathers. That is double from last week! The Lord is blessing our work immensely! :)

We currently have 8 investigators that we are preparing for baptism at the end of this month, or the start of next, so we will be working hard to make those happen, along with some marriages, in the coming weeks!

I get along great with Elder Mahlangu and we are working very well as a companionship. Even though I enjoy serving with him, living with him is a tough thing. Living with any African Elder is really hard. Nothing they do makes sense to me at all, and they never clean up after themselves even if you ask them to. Having Elder Whiting in the house keeps me somewhat tolerant, so that is a positive thing. On top of there not being a shower or hot water, there is now a big problem with the septic/toilet system, and for the past couple of days we haven't been able to use the only toilet in the house. They are supposed to be sending someone to fix it soon, and I sure hope they do. The work is great, but everything else has been really hard on me. Just like before, I'm trying to always look on the bright side and focus on the positive. Zimbabwe is just too much sometimes. 

We had an awesome FHE last Monday evening with our Branch President, his wife, and much of the branch youth. I got the chance to show some card tricks and fun games I've picked up so far on my mission. The little kids really loved it, and my tricks were a big hit! We discussed trial and tribulation, and I shared a part from Doctrine and Covenants when Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail. Those verses always mean a lot to me because of my family heritage, and Caleb Baldwin. We also are having District Meetings in the house, since there are just 4 of us. It is pretty fun actually! Now we don't have to worry if the meetinghouse is unlocked or not, we just do it at home! :)

We are getting some ties made for the district that say: Chegutu Dustrict. Dustrict because there is so much dust here! :)

Today I am emailing from Kwekwe, and town a bit farther South than Chegutu. It is basically the middle of Zimbabwe. We came today to stay the night with the rest of the zone, and we are having zone meeting mangwana (tomorrow). Kwekwe is an awesome place from what I have seen so far, with an awesome chapel. It is was the first chapel built in all of Zimbabwe! Edward Dube, member of the Seventy, is from here in Kwekwe. We are planning to play some soccer, so hopefully that takes some stress away! :)

I am learning more Shona all of the time, and I am trying my best to put a smile on my face despite a lot of tough situations. I challenge all of you to do the same! :) I know the Lord is blessing me, and that He will bless me even more in the future. I'm really trusting in that. You should too.

I love you all so much! Musari mushe! Go Team USA!

Ndinofara! (I'm happy!)

P.S. I didn't get the chance to upload photos this time, so I will be sure to do it next week. I'm sorry!

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