Monday, August 29, 2016

Makadii Week 30!

Mangwanani! Good Morning! (When I send this it will be morning for you guys.)

I've hit 30 weeks now! I've officially been in Chegutu for a month now. Time has gone by really fast for me this transfer. Only two weeks left before the next one begins. My fifth planner and transfer is almost done, and I'm on my way to 8 months a missionary! It's crazy how time flies when you are busy, busy teaching. I need to do my best to make my time count!
This past week was good for Elder Mahlangu and I, as well as the other guys in the dustrict. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that we had 3 baptisms and confirmations this week and the other guys and 3 as well! We baptized our golden investigator Matthew, and young man named Pardon, and a little girl named Natally. We were blessed to find success! Our marriage we had planned for the Ndhlovu's didn't end up happening like we had hoped, but we have rescheduled for the 10th of September. The Ndhlovu family, and a few others named Sibongile and Tinashe will also be baptized on that day if all goes well. People are listening and learning from us all the time, and the people of Chegutu really love me. My SHona is getting better every day. Ndirikuzidsa taura chiShona mbichana mbichana(I'm learning to speak Shona little by little). Chegutu is becoming very fruitful for us, and we are staying plenty busy!

The bad news is that the car we were using completely died this week. It died originally in Kadoma when I was there for baptismal interviews, and with help from heaven we were somehow able to make it back to Chegutu. It was not safe to be driving the way we were, and it was a miracle that we made it back in one piece. The car then completely died when we got back. I am very thankful we got back. The bummer is that we don't have a car at the moment, and we don't know when this one will be fixed or if we will be getting a new one anytime soon. The areas in Chegutu are very big, and we live pretty far from where we teach, so in the meantime things will be pretty tough for us. We will be carrying groceries back home with us, and walking in the dust and grime all day. My shirts are getting harder to keep white! Haha :) The work must continue, but I hope that we will be getting a different car soon-soon.
In the branch I am currently busy being the chorister in priesthood meetings, and being in charge of the missionary efforts. We don't have a branch mission leader, and our Branch President Bveke (a member of only one year) is alone. His counselors are currently not in Chegutu. It is so interesting to serve in a place with a very un-established branch. They rely on us missionaries a lot, so we have to do our best to help the members become more self reliant in the gospel. It really is a cool experience to see the church grow in a place like this.
The awesome news is that Br. Mupamba, the man I started teaching in Marimba who was deaf, was baptized this last week by the new Elders there. I am so glad that he was able to do that. The seed I planted has now grown! :) The miracle that I hoped would happen has happened! Yes!
The people here in Zimbabwe are very Christian people, so it is very easy to find common ground with them. This Christian back ground is one of the reasons they are so receptive to the gospel. There is also much religious confusion here, with new churches being started very regularly. We teach the Restoration a lot, to help them know more about Joseph Smith and the true church. They agree with many of the things we teach, but the biggest thing is helping them understand the reality of apostasy and restoration. They love the Plan of Salvation.
I gave one of my old pink ties to a young prospective missionary in our branch named Tawanda SIbanda. He is preparing for his mission in a couple years, and has been working with us often. He is such a sweet kid, and he only had like one tie, so I decided to help him out! :) He actually helped me with the baptisms this week. I was the only missionary who actually performed the ordinances this time! I do love doing it though! :) The schools here have been on holiday this past month of August and schools will be starting up again in September.
I wish all of you the best with the start of school, and the fall coming just around the corner. It is only hot and dusty for me here in Zim. Please cheer on the Pokes for me when they start the season! :)
Ndinoda shamwari dzangu neMhuri! I love my friends and family! :)

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