Monday, August 22, 2016

Makadii Week 29!

Hesi! Mhoroi! Murisei? How is everything? :)
This week has been good, and we have found some success. We have 4 people that we are planning to baptize this coming Saturday, as well as 3 for the other Elders! It will be a wonderful day in Chegutu. I am really hoping that all goes well in preparation for it. We will also be having a marriage for the Ndhlovu couple we have been teaching before they get baptized! :) Things are going well with the work for sure, and we have others that we are preparing for baptism next month!
In my last email I mentioned my frustrations with other Elders, specifically my companion and I would like to apologize and repent for that. One of my fellow Elders from the MTC emailed a reply to me, and reminded me that it is not ok to talk bad about your companions or the other missionaries you serve with. I thank him for the reminder. We are put together with companions for a reason, and that is to serve and help each other become better. I'm sure there are things he doesn't like about me either, so I need to swallow my pride. Thank you Elder Nkosi for the reminder! I will be sure to seek to help my companions rather than put them down. I encourage you all to do that with all of those around you. Learn from them, and focus on the good things.
The Zone Conference we had in Kwekwe was an absolute blast. Soccer was sweet, and we got to play with our former AP, Gundani. He lives near the chapel in Kwekwe. It was good to see him again! His dad was a famous Zimbabwean soccer star who passed away last year. I had two nice assists that set him up for goals. It was nice! The meeting was good, and really weird with just 10 guys. I'm used to 20! haha :)
In Chegutu itself, I am serving in a few separate parts. Heroes, ZMDC, and Pfupajena. The meetinghouse is located in Pfupajena. We had 14 investigators at church this week which is really great! The future is really bright in this branch. It is so cool to see the church become established in a place like this, and to see the branch leaders grow together. They rely on the missionaries a lot for help. I have had to teach priesthood class two weeks in a row, which was a good experience. It's crazy how much better I have become at teaching on my mission. As I look back, I have grown so much as a teacher and my understanding of the gospel has gone way up. It's crazy how much the Lord is helping me grow. :)
One thing I have really come to know this week is just how true the Book of Mormon is. Through my study and teaching of the book my testimony has been strengthened, and I have come to understand new things about it that I didn't before. The call of the prophets that we should focus our study on this book is so so true. It truly does bring the fullness of the gospel, and reading about the lives of these people can really give us valuable insight on how we should live our own lives. It truly was preserved for our day. The things in it are meant for us. Helping people here in Zimbabwe come to a knowledge of the Book of Mormon is one of the hardest things we do. They all have a strong belief in the Bible, so we really have to strive hard to get them to build their testimony on the Book of Mormon. It truly is the keystone of our church!
Good news is that we now have hot water in our house, the shower is now working, the water is clean, and we are able to use our toilet again! :) People came to fix those things this last week. I think the Lord was just trying to humble us the past two weeks. I'm thankful that we can enjoy those extra luxuries now!
Ndinokuda! I love you all, and I hope all is well wherever you may be. To my fellow missionaries, keep it up. To my family and friends back home, enjoy the start of school coming up. Be sure to cheer on the Pokes for me in the upcoming season! I'm glad to hear the Olympics were a success for Team USA!
Stay sweet! :)

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