Monday, January 23, 2017

Salibonani Week 51!

I'm starting week 52 today! In a week's time, I will have officially hit my year mark! Pretty sweet, pretty crazy.
Not too much to report this week. I have enjoyed being with Elder Mhlungu so far. He is actually 25 (just turned) and is from Durban, SA. He is a sweet guy, and I have already learned a lot from him. After 6 weeks of not much success, we are going to have 3 baptisms this coming weekend, barring any setbacks in the next few days. Br. Gumede, an older baba, Sharon a young woman, and Assan, a small boy, have all progressed and are ready to be baptized! Yebo! I am excited for them.

I also heard that my old investigators in Chegutu, the Mapuranga family, are getting baptized this coming weekend as well. They had some problems with the marriage, but now they will be legally married and baptized! My son and grandson, Elder Makalio and Elder Whittier, are still there and doing good in Chegutu. I am so happy to see my old investigators get baptized even after I leave! :)
We are having a Mission Tour conference with Elder Stanley G. Ellis next Monday here in Bulawayo. Since that will be on our normal P-day, our P-day next week will be on Tuesday instead. Just a heads up for those of you who will be expecting my emails. I am excited to meet and learn from Elder Ellis!
The rains are officially here in Bulawayo and the rest of Zim. When I was picking up and dropping off missionaries last week it was pouring so I got soaked, along with everyone else! Transfer days with rain are quite an adventure! :)
I am continuing to have faith in the future and doing my best! I love all of you wherever you may be! :) Nisale kahle, musari zvakanaka! 

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